Study: Triple-Play Market to $145.3B by 2009


According to a recently released study by The Yankee Group, 32 million-35 million households will make a broadband-service decision every year for the next three years.

By broadband decision, the researcher means they will decide to subscribe to a voice, video or data service from a cable, satellite or phone company.

The average spending during the subscription lifetime of each of these households will vary between $3,854-$4,481 in the next three years, according to “Defining the Opportunity Market: A Study of the Annual Revenue Opportunity for Residential Broadband Service Providers.”

Consequently, the annual revenue opportunity for the triple-play market for service providers in the United States will grow from $137.5 billion in 2006 to $145.3 billion by 2009, The Yankee Group said.

“Bundling is increasingly critical in influencing the adoption of service providers' broadband services," Yankee Group media and entertainment strategies director Aditya Kishore said in a prepared statement. "Given consumers' growing interest in bundles and the increasing parity of provider preferences, the provider that can upsell more services first will be best positioned. High-speed data will be the linchpin for the bundle and is the most important product upsell for service providers.”