Study: VoIP Boom by 2007


A new report by Infonetics Research sees the North American cable voice-over-Internet-protocol-equipment market blooming from 2004-07.

The study, “Cable VoIP Equipment North American Market Size and Forecast,” said it expects the biggest growth spurts in 2005 and 2006, as most MSOs will expand their network footprints and have commercial offerings for their entire customer base by then, as well as aggressively marketing VoIP services in order to increase penetration.

“After ILECs [integrated local-exchange carriers] and IXCs [interexchange carriers], MSOs represent the third-largest VoIP-equipment market opportunity in North America," Infonetics analyst Kevin Mitchell, who wrote the report, said in a prepared statement.

"Cable companies are generally looking at next-generation voice and IP multimedia as a way to enable their triple-play offering and increase ARPU [average revenue per unit], but up until recently, they deployed service-enabling infrastructure very cautiously,” he added.