Style, Magazine Team On ‘Heels’ Show

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The Style Network and Marie Claireare partnering on a new reality docu-series, Running in Heels, about life inside the women’s magazine, officials said Tuesday.

With an anticipated March 2009 premiere date, the weekly series will offer access to the lives of Marie Claire's editors, writers and interns, bringing viewers inside the magazine, from celebrity cover shoots to high-profile Fashion Week events.

The series will also follow the private lives of the Marie Claire staffers as they seek to balance demanding careers with social lives and family obligations.

Running in Heels will show life at Marie Claire through different sets of eyes, from senior level staffers to interns at the beginning of their careers. As the real drama of life at a major fashion magazine unfolds, viewers will experience firsthand the pressures and responsibilities that staffers face as they execute assignments under tight deadlines and cope with their successes and failures.

Each week Running in Heels will put viewers in the shoes of different Marie Claire staffers not only to experience what their worlds are like, but also to better understand how they juggle the complex challenges that come with their jobs.

Each episode will focus on a different staffer's personal story. Cameras will capture the 24/7 demands of their roles at the magazine and, through private video confessionals, viewers will learn how the interns cope with their jobs, their superiors and each other.