Style Net Battles Skin Cancer


LOS ANGELES — Comcast-owned Style
Network is taking aim against skin cancer.
Over the Memorial Day weekend it
launched the “Fight With Style” campaign
promoting prevention, via public-
service announcements, Web site
information and events done in concert
with The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Style staged a “Sun Block on Style”
programming event, including “Makeover
by Memorial Day” content, over
the weekend. Setting the tone for
the ongoing initiative, “arresting yet
brutally honest” PSAs with skin cancer
imagery were scheduled to air along
with tips for getting a healthy glow
safely. The initiative ties in with The
Skin Cancer Foundation’s “Go With
Your Own
Glow” PSA
seen in such
magazines as
Time, O: The
Oprah Magazine
and Harpers

The Web site
has a detailed “how-to” guide
for self-examination, prevention tips,
a photo gallery and video content,
including three PSAs. Style is working
on celebrity PSAs to run later this year
and will co-sponsor awareness events
throughout 2011.