Style Net Gets More Story-Driven


Following a recent rebranding, Style plans a programming slate that ranges across genres and reflects viewers' individual styles.

With nine new series, the E! Entertainment Television spinoff, now in 31 million homes and slated to be rated by Nielsen Media Research within the next year, will offer up stylized takes on documentaries, redecorating, game shows and judicial TV.

Likening the moves to what Food Network did when it brought step-by-step cooking shows out of the studio, "our new slate represents a programming evolution," E! CEO Mindy Herman said.

"Style's programming is now more story- and personality-driven. The information they present will be more inferential like TLC with Trading Spaces."

This makes sense, given the recent hiring of TLC executive producer Stephen Schwartz, who now serves as Style's senior vice president of programming. "Steve is a master of those kinds of sensibilities," said Herman.

Scheduled to debut later this month is A Second Look, chronicling the homeless and other people in transitional situations. The network will offer them a second chance and a helping hand. Each one-hour show will contain three segments.

Clean House
will enable packrats to excise their clutter and make a few bucks through attendant yard sales.

"There will be interesting back stories about why people collected certain things, or the wild card item they were trying to hold onto," said Herman.

Hosted by trendsetter Jane Buckingham, Modern Girl's Guide to Life
is described as a cheat sheet for everyday living, covering the gamut from mutual fund planning and hangover remedies, to planning a special night with a spouse and preparing delicious food on the quick. It will premiere next month.

Herman has particularly high hopes for Style Court, which she believes could become the voice of the network, as Talk Soup
was for E! Individuals — indicted by friends, family and colleagues — will be tried for crimes of fashion and trend misdemeanors before the "Judge Judy" of the style world (talent to be named shortly).

"This is for the guy still driving the 1983 Chevette and the person with the orange shag rug," said Herman.

Style has ordered 65 one-hour episodes of the courtroom series, and will strip the program weekdays, likely starting in late August.

The network on May 3 also rolled out the nostalgic Forever Summer with Nigella, with cooking and lifestyle diva Nigella Lawson.