Suite Savings for Some at NCTA Show


Several exhibitors slated to attend the National Show in May will leave their
large, expensive booths in the warehouse and hold meetings in smaller,
prefabricated executive suites on the show floor.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association devised the
executive-suite strategy to respond to exhibitors that requested ways to reduce
their National Show costs, said Mike Garner, exposition manager for Dobson
Associates, the company that runs the convention for the trade group.

Convention organizers also hope the executive suites, which contain
conference rooms, will dissuade vendors from passing entirely on the exhibit
floor to hold meetings in hotel suites, Garner added.

'It's very expensive to have an exhibit designed, built, crated, shipped,
installed and dismantled, and to pay for the freight cost and everything that's
associated with it once it hits the loading dock,' Garner said.

Most exhibitors, though, are sticking with their old booths, he added.

Only 11 out of 104 registered exhibitors opted for the suites, which come in
three sizes: 20-by-20 feet, 30-by-30 and 50-by-50.

Networks backed by Comcast Corp. represent the biggest group of exhibitors
switching from larger booths to the executive suites. They include Outdoor Life
Network, E! Entertainment Television, The Golf Channel, QVC and G4, the new
video-game channel set to debut in April.

Scripps Networks, Home Box Office, Comedy Central, Courtroom Television
Network, Oxygen, Showtime Networks Inc. and WorldGate Communications Inc. will
also take executive suites at the show.