Sundance Pitches TV Lab


A new experiment is brewing at Sundance Channel, where plans are under way
for a program in which independent creators will "pitch" their show ideas to

Sundance and sister company Viacom Productions are collaborating on the
creation of TV Lab.

Scheduled to air in late 2003, the half-hour show comprises "mini-pilots"
from independent artists who will present their show ideas.

Network executives said TV Lab could become a continuing series.
Sundance is currently holding an open call for proposals from artists,
novelists, filmmakers, writers, animators and other craftspeople, seeking new
concepts or reworking existing TV programs.

Viacom Productions will have the first opportunity to secure rights to
produce a network-TV series spawned by ideas presented in TV Lab.

The pilot is being produced by Jim Czarneck, producer of recent documentary
Bowling for Columbine and executive producer of last year's Love