Sundance Readies Tanner ‘88 Sequel


Sundance Channel is teaming up with Garry Trudeau and Robert Altman on a sequel to political miniseries Tanner ‘88.

Production is set to begin in June on the yet-to-be-titled follow-up, with shooting concluding in July with the Democratic convention in Boston. The project -- spanning three half-hour episodes -- is scheduled to air Tuesdays in October.

The announcement follows Sundance’s airing of Tanner ‘88 in February, tied to the Democratic primary season.

Directed by Altman and written by Trudeau, the 11-episode miniseries followed a fictitious Democratic presidential candidate through the real terrain of the 1988 presidential campaign.

Also written by Trudeau and directed by Altman, the new program is being produced by Matthew Seig and Wren Arthur of Sandcastle 5 Productions. Altman and Trudeau will serve as executive producers, along with Sundance senior vice president of on-air and original programming Adam Pincus.

The new project will reunite original Tanner ’88 cast members Cynthia Nixon as Alex Tanner, Michael Murphy as Jack Tanner, Pamela Reed as T.J. Cavanaugh and Matt Malloy as Deke Connors.

This story arc will center on Tanner’s daughter, Alex, now a documentary filmmaker seeking funding for a film about what it takes to run for the highest political office and the toll it takes on the losers.

As in the original, the miniseries will blur the boundary between fact and fiction and feature Tanner interacting with real candidates from the present day, as well as those from the recent past.