Sundance Secures Six Documentaries


Sundance Channel has acquired six documentaries to air as part of The Green, its primetime block of environmental programming.

The deals, terms of which were not disclosed, gives Sundance the rights to We Feed the World, Energy War, Radiant City, Before the Flood, Strange Culture and Sombe Ke: The Money Place. Each of the films will be making their U.S. TV premieres on the network Tuesday nights at 9:35 p.m. (ET/PT).

The first film to air on The Green block is We Feed The World, which is scheduled to debut Oct. 9. Directed by Erwin Wagenhofer and filmed in six countries, the award-winning Austrian documentary offers views of food production in the age of globalization, consolidation and mechanization. 

Dutch doc Energy War, slated for Nov. 6, shows that with the global demand for energy on the upswing, the power held by relatively few nations, including Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, is also on the climb.

In Canadian film Radiant City, design professionals and academics address the principles behind North American suburbia and its impact on residences. It is scheduled for Nov. 6.

Two weeks later, Before The Flood is on the docket, providing a view at the small island nation of Tuvalu, which lies just three meters above sea level and faces being swallowed by the impact of global warming on the south Pacific.

On Dec. 11, Sundance will stir up Strange Culture, a story about artist and college professor Steve Kurtz, who was preparing for an exhibition that let audiences test if food had been genetically modified, when his wife died in her sleep of heart failure. An analysis of Kurtz’s art supplies made the FBI suspect him of terrorism. 

A week later, Sundance will shed light on a mine the Canadian government operated in the Arctic Circle during the 1940s to clandestinely supply uranium for the Manhattan Project. Today, this same mine, which the local Sahtu Dene First Nations call Somba Ke or “the money place,” is at the epicenter of the massive uranium exploration boom.