Sundance Signs Deals with Two Distributors


New Orleans -- Sundance Channel has secured the U.S. pay television rights to
films from distributors Lot 47 Films and Zeitgeist Films.

The network acquired the rights to six Lot 47 movies, including Scotland,
, starring Christopher Walken; L.I.E.; Chyungyang; and
Russian Doll.

In June, L.I.E. will be the first of the films to air on Sundance as
part of 'Out Loud,' the network's annual celebration of gay-pride month.

The network also inked a deal for a package of seven features and one short
film from distributor Zeitgeist.

Among the films are Downtown 81, starring Jean Michel Basquiat; The
Turandot Project
; The Brandon Teena Story; and short film Heart of
the World