Sundance Signs Four Film Sponsors


Sundance Channel has signed The Coca-Cola Co., Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.,
Loews Cineplex Entertainment Corp. and Volkswagen of America Inc. as supporting
sponsors for its "Sundance Film Series," a series of upcoming films that will go
into theaters before moving on to video/DVD and the network.

Sundance senior vice president of marketing Kirk Iwanowski said Tuesday that
the overall value of the marketing and promotional support across the entire
span of the project should be "well in excess of $35 million or $40

The first of four movie titles will bow in theaters in August, with the
others to follow on a monthly schedule through November. Each will be shown in
Loews theaters in at least 10 markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
and Boston.

Sundance Channel Home Entertainment will handle the video releases.

The network will oversee the launch and management of the film package, as
well as the process of film selection.

Iwanowski said each of the four sponsors will contribute financial and
promotional support to the project.

The Loews theater chain will promote the film series on 1,000 screens
nationally via sponsored trailers prior to its feature presentations and via
concession-stand advertising, he said, while Kenneth Cole will promote the films
in Loews theaters and in signage and sweepstakes via its own retail outlets.

Similarly, Volkswagen will advertise via signage at its dealerships and also
incorporate mentions in its own ad campaigns and sweepstakes tie-ins, Iwanowski
added. Coca-Cola, primarily for Diet Coke, will use on-pack promotion and
in-store signage, he said.

The four sponsors will have the opportunity to include billboards in the
Sundance home-video releases of the films, he said.

Since Sundance doesn't carry commercials, Iwanowski said, it will instead
support the venture via content-based sweepstakes and other promotions, offering
products from the four sponsors as prizes.