Sunflower Picks Digeo for Moxi Deployment


Kirkland, Wash.— Digeo Inc. rolled out its first advanced boxes in a small-cable system environment, with the announcement that Sunflower Cablevision has begun deploying the Moxi 9012 HD/DVR in Kansas properties, including Lawrence, Kan.

“They have the one-TV model and they are planning to do multi-room as well,” said Digeo chief operating officer Bert Kolde.

In additional to the high-definition DVR, Sunflower has activated Digeo’s on-demand ticker and is using its gaming portal and digital photo service.

The deployment is significant, Kolde said, because it’s the first in which Digeo’s gear has been integrated with a national control system.

Many National Cable Television Cooperative members (Sunflower is a member) use a national digital-access control center to lower the capital costs of activating advanced services.

Kolde said Digeo expects to announce deployments with several other smaller MSOs in the coming months.

Although Digeo does not have a master agreement with the NCTC, Kolde said there is a template in place that allows smaller MSOs to negotiate with the vendor.

Digeo has deployed more than 23,000 set-tops to date, Kolde said, with Charter Communications Inc., Adelphia Communications Corp. and now Sunflower. “We’re deploying a couple thousand per week,” he said.

A Comcast Corp. deployment announcement is expected soon, he added.

“The rollouts are going very well,” he added. Consumers have given high marks to the guide interface and the two-tuner DVR functionality, he said.

In many markets, the Digeo box is the first cable set-top to hit the market with a DVR.

“There have been people on waiting lists, waiting on these boxes,” he said.