Sunlight To Shine On Money-Trail Winners


While others are wrapping up their coverage of the campaign trail Tuesday evening, the Sunlight Foundation will be keeping its eye on the money trail, or what the group calls the "shadow campaign" behind the election.

From 7 p.m. (ET) to midnight, the foundation's Web site will chronicle how more than $430 million by outside groups on congressional elections impacted those races.

According to the foundation, most of that was spent on attacking candidates, rather than supporting them. Non-party committees spent about $37 million to support Republicans, while spending $82 million to oppose Democrats. Committees of both parties spent almost all their dough to defeat the opponent, plunking down a total of approximately $5 million combined to support candidates, compared to $175 million to oppose them.

Sunlight will combine live streaming video with government data, analysis and social media coverage to track how groups like The U.S. chamber of commerce and the American Future Fund are influencing elections, which it calls a "critical story to tell."

Sunlight is funded by various organizations, including the foundation of ebay founder Pierre Omidyar, the Craigslist Charitable Fund, the Knight Foundation, Google and Adobe.