Sunstein Exiting as Reg Review Czar

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Cass Sunstein, who has overseen the White House's review of regulations as head of the Office of Management and Budget's Office of Regulatory Affairs, is exiting that post, according to the White House.

"For the last three and a half years, Cass Sunstein has helped drive a series of historic accomplishments on behalf of the American people," said the president in a statement Friday. "From putting in place lifesaving protections for America's families, to eliminating tens of millions of hours of paperwork burdens for our nation's citizens and businesses, Cass has shown that it is possible to support economic growth without sacrificing health, safety, and the environment. Cass has shepherded our review of existing rules to get rid of those that cost too much or no longer make sense, an effort that is already on track to save billions of dollars."

Sunstein has been overseeing a widespread regulatory interagency review directed by the president's January 2011 executive order requiring government agencies to do a cost-benefit review of regulations to identify outdated and/or overly burdensome examples on the books, particularly ones that could adversely affect job creation and the economy.

Independent agencies were not bound by the order, but Sunstein signaled early on that the White House was expecting the FCC to submit a plan, which it did.