SupportSoft Works In Core Software


SupportSoft Inc. detailed its plans for integrating solutions from Core Networks Inc., which it acquired in a $17 million deal in July.

Core is a software company that specializes in technologies for network monitoring, management and activation of advanced digital services for digital-subscriber-line and cable-modem providers.

SupportSoft provides “Real-Time Service Management” software.

SupportSoft said that in its new “Digital 360” product vision, software from Core will help it in the areas of network management and monitoring; usage-policy management; firmware-upgrade management; and remote management of home-network devices.

“The rapid integration of the companies' complementary technologies competitively positions SupportSoft as the one source for a comprehensive service-automation platform for video, VoIP [voice over Internet protocol] and high-speed-data delivery starting within the service provider's network and extending into the customer's premises,” SupportSoft chairman and CEO Radha Basu said in a prepared statement.