Supremes: No Decision Yet on Indecency


Broadcasters and the Federal Communications Commission will have to wait at least a few more days to find out what the Supreme Court thinks about the constitutionality of the agency's indecency enforcement regime.

According to scotusblog's live blogging of the release of orders and opinions Monday, a decision in Fox v. FCC was not among them.

More opinions are expected on Thursday as the court winds down the session.
The court is actually weighing in on both the FCC indecency finding against Fox stations for swearing in awards shows, and the fine against ABC stations for airing Charlotte Ross' naked backside in NYPD Blue, which were combined in the appeal.
The FCC has asked the court also to hear an appeal of the Janet Jackson half-time show fine against CBS stations, but also asked it to wait to decide whether to hear that appeal until after it comes out with the Fox decision, since that could obviously affect the case.