SureWest Eyes Video via ADSL


The city council of Roseville, Calif., has approved a franchise for bundled-services provider SureWest Communications to develop a competitive cable-TV offering via asymmetrical-digital-subscriber-line technology.

The company already provides telephone and DSL service in the area. The video offering would put it into competition with Comcast Corp.

SureWest already competes with Comcast in the neighboring city and county of Sacramento, where it bought a fiber-to-the-home cable plant from bankrupt WINfirst (Western Integrated Networks LLC).

The ADSL delivery is in alpha testing now, SureWest executives said, projecting that the competitive technology would be ready to deliver video by December or January.

SureWest plans to deliver 260 channels, including VOD access, starting at $24 per month. Customers who buy bundles of services would be eligible for discounts.