SureWest Nears HDTV via IP


SureWest Communications said Monday that it will become the first company in the United States to offer HDTV commercially over its Internet-protocol-based fiber-to-the-premises network.

The company said it will take its HDTV-over-IP beta-testing out of the lab environment and into a broader production environment Tuesday, representing the final stage leading up to its commercial HDTV deployment, expected in November.

“Using IP technology over our fiber-optic network offers the potential for increased clarity to the HD experience and will allow SureWest to offer a variety of emerging video products while maintaining the area’s fastest high-speed-Internet service,” SureWest vice president and chief technology officer Bill DeMuth said in a prepared statement.

“The IP FTTP service-delivery model provides flexibility and abundant cost-effective bandwidth to deliver voice and data services, as well as a host of interactive-television capabilities with IPTV,” he added.