Survey: 45% Prefer Football on HDTV


More Americans would rather flip on their high-definition TV sets to watch a football game than trek to a stadium to see gridiron action in the flesh.

The survey of 1,009 U.S. adults, commissioned by Motorola, found that 45% said they would rather watch college or professional football on an HDTV, compared with 32% who said they would prefer to see the game in person.

About 17% of survey respondents said they don’t watch football and 4% said they didn’t know if they’d prefer to see a game on HDTV or in person. Meanwhile, 2% said they don’t watch TV.

The survey also found that more men (51%) than women (41%) would rather watch football on HDTV than in person.

Motorola commissioned Princeton, N.J.-based Opinion Research Corp. to conduct interviews from Nov. 2-5 with 1,009 consumers (502 men and 507 women) living in private households in the continental U.S.