Survey: 72% Dig DVRs


A new report from Lyra Research, “DVR Love: A Survey of Digital Video Recorder Users,” found that 72% of digital-video-recorder purchasers were “extremely satisfied” with their TV-viewing experiences.

Only 7% had indicated that they were extremely satisfied before purchasing their DVRs, Lyra said.

The report was based on an Internet survey of more than 600 DVR users in the United States this past spring.

“Based on the results of this survey, we consider the DVR to be a rare, genuine breakthrough product that will significantly impact people's lives,” Lyra director of electronic media research and DTV View report series principal analyst Steve Hoffenberg said in a prepared statement.

“However, given the frequent use of DVRs for fast-forwarding past commercials, the TV-advertising industry needs a breakthrough of equal magnitude,” he added.