Survey: Affiliate Sites Useful


More than 70 percent of cable operators responding to a recent survey
described cable networks' affiliate Web sites as important to their 'ability to
do their work effectively.'

Of those, 57 percent said such sites are 'extremely important.'

'What we are witnessing is an increasing cable-operator reliance on network
affiliate Web sites for the speedy distribution of support materials,' VBS Group
Inc. CEO Ted Valand said in a prepared statement accompanying the Monday release
of its survey, which was conducted in December among 75 cable-system and MSO

VBS, a New York-based media-research company, added that more than 50 percent
of respondents said they visited five or more affiliate Web sites within the
past month and 15 percent visited more than 10.

Nearly two-thirds believe their local systems now have the ability to
download and use black-and-white and color ad slicks, programming images and
other color, high-resolution materials from online sources, VBS added.

The VBS research results also showed that nearly one-fourth of its sample
said they now spend more than 20 hours per week on the Internet for work, apart
from electronic mail.