Survey: Cable Beats DSL in Speed Trial


Cable-modem services lead digital-subscriber-line competitors in market
share, and a new analysis indicated that they may also win the race in
downstream-throughput speeds.

Based on a February speed-monitoring survey in unnamed markets, Reston,
Va.-based comScore Networks found that not all broadband services are created
equal, and that actual throughputs vary wildly from service to service.

On average, cable-modem connections blasted by DSL connections, averaging 708
kilobits per second downstream compared with 467 kbps for DSL.

The speed demon among cable providers was Cablevision Systems Corp., which
averaged 800 kbps, followed by Comcast Corp. at 794 kbps, Cox Communications
Inc. at 688 kbps and Adelphia Communications Corp. bringing up the rear at 575
kbps, according to the comScore survey.

On the DSL side, AT&T Corp. hit average throughput speeds of 762 kbps,
followed by SBC Communications Inc. at 584 kbps, EarthLink Inc. at 369 kbps and,
in last place, Qwest Communications International Inc. at 240