Survey Looks at Latinos, Digital


Almost one in four Latinos connected to urban-market operators takes
digital-cable services, according to a Horowitz Associates Inc. study released

Of 500 Latino citizens surveyed for Focus: Latino III, part of an
ongoing series of Horowitz reports on the state of multicultural cable, 24%
subscribe to digital service. Also, one in 10 urban-market Latinos complement
their cable with direct-broadcast-satellite subscriptions.

Separately, Horowitz estimated that 26% of all urban cable subscribers are
digital users.

A total of 30% of urban Latino cable subscribers who prefer speaking English
most of the time take digital, compared with 19% of Latinos who primarily speak
Spanish, the study noted.

As for favorite channels, one in 10 Latinos surveyed noted Home Box Office
and Fox, followed by MTV: Music Television and Discovery Channel among 8% of the
survey universe. Univision topped the favorite list of Spanish-dominant survey

Networks survey participants wanted their local operators to carry where
currently unavailable included Fox Sports en Español and mun2Television.
Upcoming full-time channels ESPN Deportes and SiTV were also among the list of
services participants were most interested in receiving.

Strong interest for video-on-demand, digital-video recorders, home
networking, interactive and HDTV services also came through in Focus,
Horowitz marketing director Adriana Waterston said.

"[Cable] networks and operators now know that Latino consumers are important
to their business," she said in a prepared statement. "The challenge going
forward will be in developing an in-depth understanding of the complexities and
diversity of the U.S. Latino market."