Survey: More Subs Opting for Bundle


The number of bundled customers has grown dramatically and even more consumers appear willing to purchase packages of video, voice and data.

According to "Bundled Services 6: A Study of the Competitive Market for Bundled and Broadband Services," the latest research on the topic from Horowitz Associates Inc., 37% of survey respondents indicated that they are now receiving one or more services from a single provider.

That compares with 11% of respondents in the year-earlier report, who said they received at least two services — most often a combination of video and data— from a single provider.

It's Easier

Ease of service queries and contact were cited as the major advantages for bundled services, as 70% pointed to "having one number to call for customer service," while 69% liked "getting one integrated bill."

The company's findings also pointed to market potential. The study found that 43% of respondents said they would be likely to or very likely to subscribe to one provider for all services, if they were available from a single source, even without a discount.

Just over half — or 52% — indicated they would receive all of their current services from one provider, provided they got 10% taken off their total bill.

Furthermore, 19% said they would switch from their phone company if their cable operator proffered voice, along with video and data options.

It's Reliable

All told, 80% of respondents called "the reliability of their bundled services" excellent, the same designation 73% of respondents used to classify "their bundled service provider overall."

"Bundling is a competitive strategy that is a win-win situation for the consumer and provider," said Howard Horowitz, president of the Larchmont, N.Y.-based firm, in a statement. "The consumer wants competitive pricing, a better value and, importantly, less hassle.

The survey findings were derived from a survey of 802 U.S. households (cable homes passed), conducted in August and September.