Survey: More Subs Reaching for the Bundle


The number of bundled customers grew dramatically last year, a survey showed, and even more consumers appeared willing to purchase packages of video, voice and data.

According to "Bundled Services 6: A Study of the Competitive Market for Bundled and Broadband Services," the latest research on the topic from Horowitz Associates Inc., 37% of survey respondents indicated that they are now receiving one or more services from a single provider. That compares with 11% who said they received at least two services -- most often a video and data combo -- from a single provider in the year-earlier report.

Ease of service queries and contact were cited as the major advantages of bundled services, as 70% pointed to "having one number to call for customer service," while 69% liked "getting one integrated bill."

The company’s findings also pointed to market potential. The study found that 43% of respondents said they would be likely to or very likely to subscribe to one provider for all services if they were available from a single source, even without a discount.

Just over one-half (52%) indicated that they would receive all of their current services from one provider if they got 10% taken off their total bill. Furthermore, 19% said they would switch from their phone company if their cable operator proffered voice along with video and data options.

All told, 80% of respondents called "the reliability of their bundled services" excellent -- the same designation 73% of respondents used to classify "their bundled-service provider overall."

The findings were derived from a survey of 802 U.S. households (cable homes passed) conducted in August and September.