Survey: Net Users Cut More TV Time


More bad news for cable: Internet usage is continuing to siphon off the
amount of time people watch television.

The third-annual nationwide survey on Internet and media usage from the
University of California-Los Angeles' Center for Communication Policy found that
Internet users spent almost five hours less watching television than their
non-Internet peers.

On average, those with home Internet connections watched 11.2 hours of TV
weekly, down from last year's survey result of 12.3 hours. Nonusers logged 16

It was even more pronounced among users who had Internet connections for six
years or more. They watched only 10.2 hours of TV weekly.

Some 25 percent of Internet users also said the medium is an important
entertainment source, the survey found.

Not surprisingly, broadband users were even more bullish about online
content, with 39.2 percent saying the Internet is a very important information
source, compared with 31.3 percent of dial-up users.

And home networking is becoming more common, according to the university

It found that in 2002, 32 percent of all households with two or more
computers were linked with home networks, and in households with four or more
PCs, that number jumped to 65.2 percent.