Survey: Ops Eye Quality vs. Quantity


Market saturation and increased competition have resulted in a cumulative
decline in cable subscribers so far this year, leading operators to focus on
attracting higher-spending customers with new services, according to Leichtman
Research Group Inc.

Among Leichtman's findings:

\u0007 In areas where cable television is available, nearly 80 percent of U.S.
households currently subscribe to either cable or direct-broadcast

\u0007 The top cable operators now provide more than 93 percent of homes passed
with the ability to get some form of digital cable and about 80 percent with the
ability to get high-speed Internet service.

\u0007 Digital-cable subscribers are twice as likely as analog subscribers to
choose broadband Internet service from their cable company.

\u0007 Digital-cable subscribers spend, on average, nearly 50 percent more per
month with their cable company than analog-cable subscribers.

\u0007 The approximately 4 million households that subscribe
to both broadband Internet and digital cable from their cable company generate
average monthly bills in excess of $100.