Survey: Programmatic TV Gains With First Party Data

Adobe finds better targeting leads to increased spending

Programmatic TV is growing as advertisers emphasize using first-party data to better target their ad campaigns, according to a new study.

Adobe said that it found that 38% of the advertising decision makers in the U.S. said they plan to increase their programmatic TV budget. Only 28% said they planned to increase their overall TV budgets.

Of those planning to increase their programmatic spending, 62% said they were doing it to reach a more targeted audience. Meanwhile 51% said programmatic would be more cost-efficient. Other factors cited included making it easier to manage ad campaigns and faster execution.

The use of first party data makes programmatic TV more attractive, according to the study. Some 14% of the agency staffers and 10% of people working at brands said first party data helps them gain better insights. First-party data also allows them to deliver more tailored ads to key audiences, drive better return on investment and reduce waste.

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