Survey: 'Speed' Tops Consumers' Anticipated 5G Benefits

Verizon Media polls consumers, advertisers
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According to a new Verizon Media study of expected 5G benefits, faster data speeds is what consumers are most excited about, followed by high-definition video and better quality video streaming in a virtual tie at 56% and 55%, respectively. 

Verizon Media

The study was of 1,000 U.S. consumers and 300 advertisers/marketers. 

And speaking of virtual, the study found that three out of four (74%) said that 5G will have a "significant" impact on augmented reality, up dramatically from 28% who said that in 2018. 

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Three of five advertisers/marketers polled said they are already using or planning to use 5G. For those planning to use it, 65% said they were excited about it being a better consumer experience. Sounds like they may have already talked to those already using 5G, 90% of whom said they are excited by the technology. 

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