Survey: Trump Approval Rating at 34%

Pew survey finds many doubt President's handling of international crisis

Only 34% of those surveyed for a new Pew Research Center study approve of Donald Trump's job performance, down from 39% just four months ago (June) and a new low for the embattled President, Pew said.

Overall, 59% disapprove. Twice as many people said they strongly disapprove of the President's job performance (51%) as said they strongly approve (25%), according to the study.

It may be cold comfort to Trump, but at least his approval rating topped those of Democrats in Congress (29%, down from 37% in February), and was much higher than the congressional Republicans with whom he has been increasingly feuding (22%, down from 34% in February).

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Only 39% the respondents said they were at least somewhat confident of his ability to handle an international crisis, down from 48% six months ago. The president is preparing for an extended trip to Asia, including South Korea.

The survey came out the same day House Republicans unveiled their sweeping tax reform bill, which the President supports.

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The survey found that 42% of those surveyed they were at least somewhat confident in Republicans' ability to make wise decisions about tax policy. Half said they were confident in the Democrats.

The survey was conducted October 25-30 among 1,504 adults. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.