Swimming with Success


Josh Feldman, 34

Adult Swim

Josh Feldman is not yet 35 years old, but he’s already a 12-year veteran of Turner Broadcasting. He joined the company straight out of college as a sales assistant for Turner Syndication.

Now he holds the title vice president of ad sales and marketing for Cartoon Network spinoff Adult Swim and its Web site adultswim.com.

“Adult Swim has one of the most loyal young adult audiences in television today, and with that comes our obligation to stay true to the network’s brand when creating marketing partnerships,” Feldman said. “Every day I get the chance to work with the top minds in creative to develop really different yet effective advertising opportunities.”

Together, Feldman and those “top minds” develop strategic partnerships around Adult Swim TV shows like Robot Chicken and theatricals such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. In the last two years, Adult Swim has added over 100 new clients — from Burger King to Scion and Sony Playstation — who have chosen the network as a destination to reach young adult viewers.