Syfy To Develop Cyber Hacking-Themed Series

‘Hackers’ To Chronicle Real-Life Hackers
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On the heels of the Sony Studios cyber hacking controversy, Syfy announced Monday it will develop an original series that follows the world of high-tech cyber attacks.

The series, Hackers, will be produced in tandem with Relativity Television and will reveal the secrets behind the most infamous cyber-crimes ever committed, according to network officials.

The series will focus on “ripped from the headlines” stories of real-life hackers who turned entire industries upside down through interviews with the actual perpetrators as well as law enforcement agents who tracked them down, according to Syfy.

The series comes amid last month's Sony hacking scandal over the release of the studio's film The Interview. Initially, the studio shelved the film -- which centers on the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un --  in the wake of a cyber attack and threats by hackers that the FBI confirmed to be connected to the North Korean dictatorship, although some news outlets are now reporting that the cyber corruption may have eminated from a Sony insider.

The film over the past two weeks has been released via video on demand through several distribution outlets incliuding In Demand, as well as to more than 500 independent theaters.