Synacor Activates Remote DVR Management For Arris Gateways


Synacor, a provider of TV Everywhere and online services for pay TV providers and consumer electronics companies, has integrated its platform with Arris Group's Whole Home Solution to allow cable subscribers to manage their DVRs remotely via the Web.

In addition, Synacor has inked an agreement with BendBroadband, an independent cable operator in Bend, Ore., to provide TV Everywhere solutions including HBO, Cinemax, Turner Broadcasting System and Hulu content to subscribers.

Synacor's integration with the Arris gateways will allow cable TV customers of BendBroadband and WideOpenWest -- two operators that are deploying the Arris devices -- to manage their DVRs either at home or while away.  With the joint solution, subscribers can schedule and cancel recordings, check local listings, manage parental-control settings and perform other tasks from any PC or Mac laptop. Synacor said the Arris gateway solution is "support-ready" for smartphone and tablet apps.

For BendBroadband, Synacor powers the operator's subscriber-facing website, which provides access to email, social networks, news, games and other services through a central hub. Under the expanded agreement, Synacor will also provide TV Everywhere services and authentication.

"We're thrilled to have Synacor onboard so we can deliver all the TV Everywhere services and content our subscribers are eager to enjoy like HBO Go and MAX Go, as well as Hulu and this month's NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Tournament games that aired on Turner," BendBroadband director of marketing Mark Hobbs said in a statement.

To date, Synacor has completed integrations with 24 authenticated pay-TV channels and more than 30 free channels. Pay TV customers include Dish Network, Charter Communications, Suddenlink Communications, Mediacom Communications and WideOpenWest. On the programming front, Synacor has integrated with HBO, CNN, TBS, TNT, tru TV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Epix, E!, Style, G4, Fox, Speed2, Sony Movie Channel, Big Ten Network and others.

Last week, Synacor announced the hiring of Michael Bishara, previously in charge of HBO's broadband products, including HBO Go, as vice president and general manager of TV Everywhere.