Synacor Delivers 'TV Everywhere' En Español


Synacor, a provider of Web portal and content-authentication solutions, is offering multilanguage support for its customers' TV Everywhere services, beginning with Spanish.

With the new feature, Synacor's TV Everywhere login service will automatically detect the language preference of a subscriber -- either English or Spanish -- and deliver prompts in the according language. The company expects to launch additional languages for authentication, with French expected next.

"Multilanguage authentication is a must and presents an immediate market opportunity for both Synacor and cable operators to deliver TV Everywhere experiences to the vast audience of pay-TV subscribers whose preferred language is other than English," said Michael Bishara, Synacor's vice president and general manager of TV Everywhere.

Spanish is the primary language for 37 million Americans, Bishara noted: "By providing multiple language options for subscribers, Synacor adds greater depth to our ‘TV Everywhere for Everyone' campaign and helps accelerate TV Everywhere adoption across the U.S. and beyond."

The company said customers first to launch the new multilanguage-authentication feature will be announced in coming weeks. The Synacor TV Everywhere solution includes video aggregation, mediation and single sign-on authentication, as well as back-office integration with cable operators' rights, identification and billing systems.