Synacor Pals Up With BuddyTV

Synacor To Provide Syndicated Video On BuddyTV Home Page
BuddyTV homepage 400x300.jpg

Synacor, the provider of TV Everywhere authentication services and Web portal services, will pursue a new growth path after striking a deal to supply syndicated video content on the homepage of BuddyTV, a video guide that recommends shows and offers TV-centric games via its Web site and mobile apps.

The agreement, which expands Synacor’s digital video strategy, aims to provide BuddyTV with the ability to expand its video advertising inventory and an opportunity to boost revenues. Following its original support on BuddyTV’s homepage, Synacor said it will also provide syndicated video on its partner’s mobile apps.

Synacor said its syndicated digital content will feature content on several topics, including news, sports, politics, lifestyle, technology and healthy living, as well as Don’t Miss, Synacor’s daily, original program on hot TV shows.

“Synacor’s syndicated video is content our audience wants, which means happy BuddyTV visitors and a new revenue opportunity for us,” said Andy Liu, BuddyTV’s co-Founder and CEO, Andy Liu. “We’re excited to work with Synacor and appreciate the new monetization opportunity Synacor’s syndicated video brings us, all without any production investment.”

“BuddyTV—known as ‘every TV-watcher’s friend’—is a great site and the perfect showcase for Synacor’s syndicated video content,” added George Chamoun, Synacor’s president, sales & marketing, George Chamoun. “Consumers enjoy short video snacks, while publishers enjoy the new revenue stream.”