Synacor Rolls Cloud ID SDK

Says Out-Of-Home Auto-Authentication On Its To-Do List
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Synacor, the maker of customized Web portals and TV Everywhere authentication systems, has rolled out its Cloud ID Software Development Kit, a platform that aims to simplify mobile app development the consumer login process.

Synacor said it is currently deploying Cloud ID with customers for OTT authentication, and recently announced that Sling TV, Dish Network's new virtual MVPD, is using the Cloud ID platform. Synacor did not identify any other Cloud ID partners by name, but Suddenlink Communications and Midcontinent Communications are among its historic customers. 

Synacor said its Cloud ID SDK supports iOS and Android native apps, in-home auto-authentication, and social login via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, elements that vastly reduce login abandonment rates.

Cloud ID features in the works include out-of-home auto-authentication, and single sign-on across mobile apps, which will prevents users from having to re-enter their credentials.

“Cloud ID SDKs make for a rapid onboarding experience for our customers building and operating mobile video apps, speeding time-to-market and opening-up Synacor to broader market segments,” said John Kavanagh, senior director, identity management for Synacor, in a statement. “Reaching tens of millions of cable TV and satellite TV accounts, our Cloud ID Authentication platform has become a preferred choice among OTT providers.”