Syntellect Launches CyberStats Online Reports


Atlanta -- Syntellect Interactive Services affiliates will
now be able to access pay-per-view reports via the Internet as part of the company's
Home Ticket PPV order-processing service.

The CyberStats Online Reporting feature, which will be
rolled out next month, brings up-to-the-minute reports on subscribers' order calls
straight to managers' desktop computers or fax machines, said Dean Giancola, vice
president of marketing for SIS. Users can access CyberStats on the Internet and select the
report-delivery method of choice: via personal computer, e-mail, or to a fax machine.

Currently, affiliates can only access reports via fax.
Those affiliates who prefer to use the phone can call a toll-free number to request that
custom reports be faxed to them.

'Instead of waiting until the end of the week or the
end of the month, [affiliates] can look at their stats on a per-day basis,' Giancola
said. 'CyberStats enables marketing managers to see the impact of their marketing
dollars as the event unfolds.'

Giancola would not reveal the cost of the service, but he
said it will carry annual and per-report fees.

SIS projected that 75 percent of its affiliate base --
which represents 9.5 million addressable subscribers -- will upgrade to the Internet
option. Giancola added that the site has received solid reviews from operators in several

'People who have seen it and used it have expressed
tremendous support for the product,' he said.

One top 10 operator who requested anonymity said the
service would be welcome. 'Anything that can help to provide more timely information
about our PPV business is worth looking into,' said the operator.

CyberStats also offers a variety of reports -- from
snapshot views of PPV-order calls in bar graphs and pie charts, to detailed statistics on
individual customer transactions -- SIS said. Users can request reports spanning specific
time periods, and they can access data on multiple cable sites or on an individual site.