Taken Marketing Blasts Off


Sci Fi Channel announced Wednesday that its marketing support for
Taken, the Steven Spielberg miniseries due for a Dec. 2 premiere, will
get multimillion-dollar backing that "doubles all previous marketing efforts
for an individual Sci Fi project."

Taken is an estimated $20 million project that will air in two-hour
installments across 10 weeknights.

Senior vice president of marketing and creative Dave Howe said the initial
marketing salvo, which began in September and runs through late this month,
involves an eight-market interactive tour called "The Taken Experience."

Systems owned by Adelphia Communications Corp., AT&T Broadband, Comcast Corp.
and Time Warner Cable in unspecified markets signed on to participate in that

Phase two will include Sci Fi specials tied into the alien and alien-abduction themes, including specials Roswell: Startling New Evidence
and The Abduction Diaries, both Nov. 22.

Phase three, Howe said, will include heavy out-of-home advertising in New
York and Los Angeles and a cinema trailer in Thanksgiving-holiday movies in
theaters in the top 30 markets, including Die Another Day, Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets
and Solaris.

The out-of-home buys include bus shelters, phone kiosks, taxi tops and subway
and railroad ads in New York, including 80 billboards customized for New York's
Grand Central Station.

In Los Angeles, Sci Fi will have large Taken posters on the Hotel Sofitel and
the Hotel Figueroa.

The fourth and final phase will emphasize tune-in across various media.

The programmer has made a spot TV buy across the top 10 markets in
Thanksgiving Day sports events and such primetime series as Fox's 24,
CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and NBC's Friends, ER and Today.

The network also has made a 20-market spot-cable buy.

In addition, Sci Fi has made its largest online buy on Yahoo! Inc. spanning four
days and starting Thanksgiving Day.

Taken ads also will run in such magazines as People, Us Weekly and
TV Guide and in such newspapers as USA Today, the Los Angeles
and The New York Times.