Taking Another 'New Trail'


Safe to say last week was one to remember for Our Editor In Chief, the person who usually has this space: Marianne Paskowski.

After almost 15 years of piloting Multichannel News and riding the waves of corporate consolidation in cable (and in Our Ownership), the astrologically savvy Paskowski determined the stars were lined up just right and it was time to find a new horizon.

As she said in our Web item on the stunning development, the real-estate bubble had a lot to do with it. The same audacity that makes Marianne's columns and, especially, her public speaking so entertaining carried over into her private enterprises.

Book sales on eBay evolved into savvy home purchases, and putting her White Plains house on the market resulted in what often happens in the New York City metro area when someone decides to “test the waters” with a listing. Bottom line: Get ready to move. Fortunately she and husband Bob Donath had someplace great to go, the current “second home” on Cape Cod. And they'd like to spend more time there.


Toss in a birthday and what sounded like 1,000 phone calls and e-mails (probably just a little over her normal volume) and maybe the stars felt like they were falling, not just aligning.

Many of the calls and e-mails, she indicated, riffed through some Elizabeth Kubler-Ross stages of grief — denial (“this is terrible!”) and anger (“someone will pay!”) among them. But with her usual powers of persuasion, she helped them through to acceptance.

No corporate cabal here. No speculation needed, other than the real-estate variety that preceded it.

No one here had sensed any lack of enthusiasm in Our Editor-in-Chief for the cable business we cover — or for the people in that business. Quite the contrary. Last week, her connections led us to a beat on one of those people stories, about a longtime operations executive shifting over to executive recruiting. And, of course, a column — one that, in hindsight, had some of us seeing entendres, especially in the headline: “Back in the Saddle, on a New Trail.”

That new trail no doubt will have some twists and turns and will mean some new learning experiences. Already she reports being commissioned to do a weblog about “red tide,” the algae that's ruining the East Coast's clam supply this summer and might put a crimp into lunches at the Rock Harbor fish shack near Marianne's new “first home.”

But we're reassured in knowing the boss lady's “Backtalk” won't cease, including in these pages, as she's promised to continue contributing columns and the news tips she'll no doubt continue to receive at a more northern latitude.

Marianne, we who remain salute you.