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An Unexpected Coupon Run

“While we’d say it’s perfectly normal to see upticks in voucher requests from areas affected by early analog shutoff drills, this here is just bizarre. According to a release put out by the American Cable Association, an irregular surge in coupon requests has occurred in three markets where Time Warner Cable dropped LIN TV’s stations after the two couldn’t come to a retransmission agreement. On top of that, FCC chairman Kevin Martin has reportedly asserted that the voucher program is running out of cash, but given that this isn’t the FCC’s program, we’d take that as speculation more than anything. Either way, because of this blackout, it seems consumers are asking for items (and thus, cash) they probably don’t even need. Look LIN TV, we know you loathe TWC, but please — put your stations back online. Do it for the taxpayer. Do it for love.”

Darren Murph

High on Hughley’s New CNN Gig

“So it appears as though CNN will be giving D.L. Hughley is own show on the network. It may come to little surprise to those, like myself, who watch CNN often. D.L. has appear as panelist on CNN shows, including Larry King Live, numerous times in the past few months. Looks like D.L. took advantage of all that time in the CNN studios and put a bug in someone’s ear. …

With MSNBC having the hugely popular and often psychotic Keith Olbermann its no surprise that other news networks may be looking to lighten the mood some. Also due to the election season CNN is seeing a surge in young viewers who want to keep an eye on what’s going on in the presidential ace. …

I’m a bit of a CNN junky, so I’m certainly be tuning in. I Look forward to seeing D.L. take on the regulars stiff who populate the news media. Hopefully they will even add him to the 'Best Political Team on Television.’ ”

Mike Belgrove Highbrid Nation