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Comcast Doesn’t Own the Internet

When Comcast bought up large systems to become the largest cable MSO, it did not buy the Internet. Comcast has no right to change how the Internet works — not one byte of it. How the worldwide Internet works is defined by all of us, through our participation and trust in the Internet society and the Internet engineering task force. To ensure interoperability and access for all, changes must be carefully deliberated and standardized there.

The responsibility of operating the Internet in accordance with those standards is entrusted to companies providing access to it. It’s not Comcast’s job to change how the Internet works, nor can it decide who or what gets preference upon it. I haven’t seen anything other than the press reports about something to be circulated around the FCC. I am hopeful that when the details are released that it serves to preserve and protect the Internet from those who would abuse their power and change it.

Robb Topolski, Hillsboro, Ore.

Verimatrix, Widevine Piracy Pondering

You mentioned that both Verimatrix and Widevine have reseller agreements with Motorola. You also mentioned that Verimatrix is being sued by Widevine for patent infringement. I wonder why Motorola (a public company) would resell anti-piracy tools from a company that is suspected of piracy itself. Would be great to hear the story on why Motorola resells alleged infringing product and how exposed they feel they may be.

Ross Moran, Burbank, Calif.

Style’s Peter Ishkhans Is Perfect

I’m 60 years old and Style Network’s Peter Perfect is my favorite show ever! I laugh, I cry and I appreciate so much the unbelievable help that Peter has bestowed in every episode. I’ve saved all of them to my DVR, and I joyfully share them with grateful family and friends. Congratulations on an amazing show! Peter is an absolute godsend at every business he visits. It’s so wonderful to witness his first-class talent as he helps so many people.

Andrew Walzer, Valrico, Fla.