Targeting the Hispanic Home

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With U.S. Census data showing that Hispanics
represent the largest and fastest-growing ethnic
group in the nation, cable, satellite and telco
providers have all been working to hone their offerings,
with new channels, improved customer
services, better bundles and more content for
more devices as part of their “TV Everywhere”

Here is an operator-by-operator look at
each provider’s key offerings and Hispanic


Basic subscribers: 22.5 million

High-speed Internet subscribers
: 17.6 million

Phone subscribers
: 9.1 million

Contacts: Marcien Jenckes, senior vice president
and general manager of video services;
Diana Kerekes, vice
president of video
content; David Jensen,
vice president of
international programming;
Roberto Perez,
director of multicultural
marketing, (215) 286-
2867; Homer Gonzalez,
director of Spanishlanguage
acquisition, (215) 286-

Hispanic packages: MultiLatino Video Packages
(around 60 Spanish-language channels and,
depending on the package, different levels of
English video networks; as well as music channels,
a digital set-top box and video-on-demand
in Spanish for $29.95 to $76.90). The MSO has
signed deals with about 80 programmers and
systems draw on those deals to customize local
offerings to reflect local demographics.

Spanish VOD, HSI and bundles: Offers more
than 600 free Spanish-language VOD choices
at any time, in addition to dual English/Spanish
audio feeds on select films; has an extensive
Comcast Latino Spanish-language portal
in partnership with; offers a number
of bundles specifically for Hispanic subscribers;
and has launched special international
calling plans, including Mexico 100 for $4.95,
Latin America 100 for $9.95 and Worldwide
300 for $14.99.

Major Hispanic markets: Passes more than
4 million Hispanic subscribers, serving such large
Hispanic markets as Miami; Houston; Chicago;
Boston; San Francisco; Denver; Atlanta; Philadelphia;
and Albuquerque, N.M.

Recent and future plans: Comcast, which was the
first cable operator to devote significant resources
to the Hispanic market, rolled out lower-cost
Hispanic tiers in 2003 and has since regularly
expanded both linear-channels and free Spanishlanguage
VOD content.

In the last 18 months, though, the nation’s largest
operator has made particularly dramatic changes
as it freed up bandwidth as part of analog reclamation
efforts and other upgrades. This has allowed
it to dramatically expand the number of Spanishlanguage
channels in its packages to around 60 in
many markets; increase its Spanish language HD
channels; more than triple its Spanish VOD offerings,
from 170 to over 600 choices in the last 12
months; and expand its multiplatform delivery, with
more Spanish-language content for the Web and
mobile devices. Newer networks added include
Caracol TV, Multimedios, Utilisima and Canal Sur.

Bundles specifically targeted to Hispanics have
been available since October 2006 and Comcast
continues to focus on those in its marketing
efforts. The company has also built its first
customer-support center specifically for the
U.S. Hispanic market; expanded its community
and grassroots marketing efforts; is working to
make low-cost broadband services available to
lower-income groups; and, as part of the NBCUniversal
deal, has agreed to launch 10 new
independent channels, with many of those to
be Hispanic or African-American owned-andoperated


Subscribers: 19.4 million

Contact: Hector Placencia, GM, DirecTV Hispanic
and International, (310) 964-4896

Hispanic packages: Lowest-priced offering is
Óptimo Más (more than 55 Spanish-language
channels, local broadcasters, secondary audio
programming feeds and English-language
channels for a total of over 165 channels for
$44.99; currently promoted at $29.99 for first

Spanish VOD, HSI and bundles: Spanish-language
on-demand content includes Spanish-language
versions of new-release titles, Univision On Demand,
Tr3s, Bloomberg On Demand, Sprout and
Nickelodeon; bundled packages are sold with
telco partners around the country; has launched with product information;
various DirecTV apps, and TV Everywhere offerings
give Spanish-speaking customers access to
content on computers and mobile devices.

Major Hispanic markets: National footprint that
offers local broadcasters, including Spanish
broadcasters, in many markets.

Recent and future plans: In 2011, DirecTV continued
to expand its bilingual channel lineup, with
new Spanish-language channels, HD content,
TV Everywhere products and other content, with
a particular emphasis on sports. The company
argues it currently offers the most soccer, with
matches from all the local Latin American soccer
leagues, all European matches, and exclusive
matches from La Liga.

Recently added channels include Perú Mágico,
TV Colombia and Pasiones; many of its premium
movie channels are also available in SAP.

The satellite provider also continues to aggressively
promote the service, hiring such celebrities
as Lucero and Andres Garcia; in 2010, DirecTV
was a top advertiser in U.S. Spanish-language

Current promotions include $15-per-month
discount on Óptimo Más for first year; $20 discount
on the Más Ultra package of 205 English
and Spanish-language channels, normally
priced at $59.99; and $30 discount on the Lo
Máximo package, with more than 295 channels
and more than 43 movie channels normally
priced at $114.99.

Dish Network

Subscribers: 14.1 million

Hispanic packages: Entry-level packages include
DishLatino Básico (more than 55 channels in
Spanish and English for $19.95); DishLatino
Clásico (more than 105 Spanish and English services
for $32.99); DishLatino Plus ($37.99 for over
110 Spanish and English channels); DishLatino
Dos (over 210 English and Spanish channels for
$44.99); DishLatino Max (over 255 English and
Spanish services for $57.99)

Contact: Ruben Mendiola, general manager of
programming for DishLatino, ruben.mendiola@,
(303) 723-1194.

Spanish VOD, HSI
and bundles:
movies and television
shows to subscribers
who have set-top
boxes capable of
getting on-demand
content; has rolled out
TV Everywhere apps and authenticated online mobile offerings that
provide subscribers with access to Dish content;
subscribers with Sling-enabled boxes and devices
can also access live Dish programming on
other devices; telco partners bundle Dish’s video
packages with their phone and digital-subscriberline
offerings; has extensive Spanish-language
pages for its online DishLatino offers.

Major Hispanic markets: National footprint with local
broadcast stations available in most markets.

Recent and future plans: Satellite-TV company
Dish was the first provider to seriously target the
Hispanic market, viewing the effort as a means
of differentiation. Dish continues to have some
of the least-expensive packages on the market.
New channels added in 2011 include Baby TV;
currently offering $10 a month off the DishLatino
Plus package, $15 off the DishLatino Dos tier and
$18 off its DishLatino Max tier, with a 12-month

Time Warner Cable

Basic subscribers: 12.2 million

High-speed Internet subscribers: 9.6 million

Voice subscribers: 4.5 million

Contact: Marisol Martinez, senior director of
corporate target marketing, (212) 430-7251

Hispanic packages: Offers several packages,
but the lead one is El
Paquetazo (65 to 80
channels for a total
of 165 to over 180
channels, a digital box
and access to VOD
for $29.99 to $39.99,
depending on the

Hispanic VOD, HSI and
Lo Mejor on
Demand offers over
160 free Spanishlanguage
programs; broadband service has
extensive Spanish-language pages; is expanding
Spanish language offerings on its iPad app and
TV Everywhere offerings; has a variety of tripleplay
packages that are marketed to Hispanics; its
International OnePrice calling plan offers 1,000
free minutes to more than 100 countries, including
many in Latin America, for $19.95.

Major Hispanic markets: New York, New Jersey,
San Diego, Los Angeles and other Southern
California operations; Texas; and the Carolinas.
Overall, it serves DMAs where about 47% of all
U.S. Hispanics reside.

Recent and future plans: The New York system
rolled out a low-cost DTV en Español entrylevel
package in early 2003 and has since been
expanding and developing its packages. Its
main Hispanic package El Paquetazo was first
launched in 2008 in Los Angeles and is now
available in its major Hispanic markets with a
greatly expanded offering of Spanish-language
channels and VOD content. As a result of those
moves, the MSO has nearly doubled subscribers
to the package in recent quarters and has seen
significant increases in VOD usage.

Continues to add new channels, having
recently added five Spanish-language services
in Texas, four in Los Angeles and three in New
York; is increasing VOD offerings and expects
to soon announce additional Spanish content
for its iPad app, which already includes content
from Galavisión, mun2, GolTV and others.

Cox Communications

Video subscribers: More than 5 million

High-speed Internet subscribers: More than 4 million

Phone subscribers: More than 3 million

Contact: Philip Polk, director of segmentation
marketing, (404) 847-6484

Hispanic packages: “Paquete Latino” (up to 35
Spanish-language networks and 10 to 15 channels
of English-language local broadcast stations
and basic services for about $28 to $32); “El Mix”
(up to 35 Spanish-language networks and around
40 channels of English-language programming
for $35 to $40); Super Mix (over 250 channels including
the Spanish-language tier for $60 to $65);
local systems customize channels and pricing.

Hispanic VOD, HSI and bundles: Offers a variety
of English and Spanish-language movies, music
and other TV programming on demand; has a
variety of bundles and calling plans, including
one offering unlimited calling to Mexico.
Major Hispanic markets: Include Arizona, Southern
California and Las Vegas.

Recent and future moves: As part of a completely
revamped Hispanic strategy, Cox launched
Paquete Latino and a Spanishlanguage
Web site in 2004 and has since continued
to expand offerings, having launched the
El Mix tier in 2010. Attractively priced bundles
remain a major focus, with around 65% of all
Hispanic customers taking two or more products.
To strengthen its bundles, Cox continues
to explore options for better long-distance
calling plans.

Cox is also looking to expand its linear andon
demand offerings, with plans to increase its
VOD content by about 20% a year. It continues to
focus on offerings that can appeal to the different
segments of the Hispanic community.

Major Hispanic markets: Include Arizona, Southern
California and Las Vegas.

Charter Communications

Basic subscribers: 4.2 million

High-speed Internet subscribers: 3.4 million

Phone subscribers: 1.7 million

Contact: David Saldarriaga, director of sales and
marketing, (360) 258-5205

Hispanic packages: “Latino View” (digital box,
access to VOD, local broadcast channels and
as many as 28 Spanish-language networks for
$34.99 to $36.99); plans to significantly revamp
its Hispanic products with new packages and additional
content are due shortly.

Hispanic VOD, HSI and
Will soon be
adding new Spanish
VOD content and revamping
its Spanishlanguage
Web site; currently
offers a tripleplay
bundle targeted
to Hispanics for $74.98
with new bundles to
be launched shortly;
has a variety of longdistance
calling plans,
including Mexico 200, with 200 minutes of calling
to Mexico for $10.

Major Hispanic markets: Los Angeles; Ft. Worth,
Texas; Reno, Nev.; as well as Tennessee; South
Carolina and portions of Washington.

Recent and future plans: Recently added eight
channels in California, including Cine Latino,
Semillitas, VeneMovies, Central American TV,
Multimedios, La Familia, Mexicanal and Boomerang
(SAP) and put Saldarriaga in charge of developing
a new Hispanic strategy and offerings. As
part of the new strategy, will soon be launching
new packages and content, with a key focus on
better serving the diversity of the Hispanic community
with programming that targets a variety
of ethnic groups, from Mexico to Central and
South America, as well as multiple generations
and those who are Spanish-dominant, bilingual
or English-dominant. Also revamping its bundles
and adding new tools to its website for information
and sales. Extensive promotions will be offered
when the new packages are launched.

Verizon FiOS TV

Basic video subscribers: 3.8 million

High-speed Internet subscribers: 8.6 million

Mobile: 89.7 million retail customers

Retail residence voice connections: 13.1 million

Contacts: Bill Binford,
Verizon Communications
director of
programming, (212)
406-6706; Oscar
Madrid, director of
multicultural marketing

Hispanic packages:
Lowest cost option is
Package” (41 Spanish-
language channels
for $12.99 per month.); the more popular
option is “La Conexión” (including 41 Spanishlanguage
channels for a total of more than 155 channels, including 18 HD channels, for $54.99 a
month); various more-expensive options.

Spanish VOD, HSD and bundles: Offers a variety
of Spanish-language VOD movies and television
programming; offers La Conexión bundle
for $89.99 that can be customized with different
Internet speeds or combined with long-distance
calling plans; the Spanish-Language Package
can be bundled with Verizon’s other services; has
Spanish-language website (

Major Hispanic markets: New York, New Jersey,
Texas, Florida, California and other markets.

Recent and future plans: Hispanic markets have
always been an important part of the telco’s strategy
and FiOS TV has made available a robust
Hispanic offering since launch. After concentrating
on rolling out its services and building penetration,
it has beefed up its Hispanic marketing
and in the last two years year has significantly
expanded the number of Spanish-language channels,
with seven new channels added this year,
and the amount of Spanish-language VOD content.
Also worked to give customers more flexibility
in their bundles; more content for Hispanics
has been added to FiOS’s Flex View offerings and
Verizon continues beef up its promotional efforts.

AT&T U-verse

Basic video subscribers:
3.4 million
High-speed wired

Internet subscribers: 16.5 million

Voice: 41.3 million wireline voice connections

Wireless: 98.6 million

Contacts: Dan York, president, content, AT&T; Rob
Thun, senior vice president of content; Emma Bracket,
director of content,
(310) 552-0279

Hispanic programming
All U-verse
TV customers have
access to “Paquete
Español” (up to 52
channels for $15 a
month on top of any
U-verse TV programming
tier); also offers
“U200 Latino” (includes
the channels in
Paquete Español, plus
local broadcast channels
and a wide array
of English-language
channels for 300-plus
total channels, priced
at $79 a month).

Spanish VOD, high-speed Internet and bundles:
U-verse Movies library offers thousands of hours
of free and paid on-demand titles that includes
a includes a wide selection of original Spanish
movies, children’s programs, events and Spanish
versions of popular new releases; a variety
of options for bundling U-verse TV Spanish-language
packages with U-verse Internet, U-verse
Voice and/or AT&T wireless services for significant discounts; offers low-cost international
calling plans; is adding apps and interactive
features for Hispanic audiences.

Major Hispanic markets: Los Angeles; Houston;
Dallas-Fort Worth; San Antonio, Texas; San
Francisco-Oakland-San Jose; Sacramento-
Stockton-Modesto, Calif.; San Diego; Chicago;
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; West Palm Beach,
Fla.; Austin, Texas; Fresno, Calif.; Bakersfield,
Calif.; Detroit-Ann Arbor, Mich.; Atlanta; El
Paso and Corpus Christi, Texas; Orlando, Fla.;
Monterey-Salinas, Calif.; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.;
Odessa-Midland, Texas; and Charlotte, N.C.

Recent and future plans: Has made a number
of moves in the last year to add linear channels,
develop new bundles, expand available
on demand content and launch interactive
features and applications targeted to the
Hispanic offering.

In last year, added 25 Spanish-language
channels, including Mega TV, Estrella, Nat Geo
Mundo and Utilísima; in the last half of this year,
plans to roll out U300 Latino package with over
340 channels for $99 and U450 Latino with over
410 channels for $132 a month. Also continues
to look for additional HD content as part of an
effort to have the largest package of English and
Spanish HD content on the market.

As a means of differentiation, AT&T’s U-verse
has also worked to develop interactive applications
for Hispanics, launching a World Cup app
with Univision in 2010 and rolling out a Paquete
Español Multiview mosaic in August. It’s also
beefed up its multiplatform efforts, allowing
customers to watch TV shows on more than 20
devices with U-verse Mobile. AT&T is looking for
additional Spanish-language content that it can
deliver to online and mobile users.

Recent promotions include significant discounts
for bundles, with savings of as much as
$35 a month for 12 months with a triple playbundle
and $45 a month for the quad play.

Cablevision Systems

Video subscribers: 3.3 million

High-speed Internet subscribers: 2.9 million

Voice Lines: 2.9 million

Contact: James Moore, director of emerging
markets and technology, (516) 803-4417,

Hispanic packages: iO en Español (more than 35
Spanish-language channels, and a free Spanishlanguage
VOD service priced at $6.95 a month
for subscribers to Family Cable)

Hispanic VOD, HSI and bundles: More than 150
hours of Spanish-language VOD programming
a month; Spanish-language Web portal for its
Optimum Online Internet service (www.optimum.
net/latino); markets a variety of promotions for
video, Internet and phone; offers flat-rate plans
for unlimited local and long-distance calling
within the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada; also
offers Optimum Voice World Call, which offers up
to 250 minutes of calling anywhere in the world,
including up to 30 minutes of calls to Cuba, for
$19.95; has rolled out TV Everywhere applications.

Major Hispanic markets: Greater New York City
area, including parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx,
parts of New Jersey and Long Island.

Recent and future plans: iO en Español, along
with other international services, has been carried
across Cablevision’s entire footprint since
2006. During the past few years Cablevison
has added a number of new Spanish-language
networks, including ViendoMovies, V-me,
Telemicro, Ecuavisa Internacional, Caracol TV
Internacional, WAPA America, Latelenovela Network,
Dominican View and Tele El Salvador. The
MSO continues to look for ways to enhance its
Spanish-language offering.

Bright House Networks

Total customers: 2.4 million

Contact: N/A

Hispanic package: Has over 50 channels providing
Spanish-language content; in Florida
markets offers Nuestros Canales a Spanishlanguage
tier that features 34 Spanish language
video channels, and five audio.

Hispanic VOD, HSI and bundles: “Español Movies
on Demand” and “International Movies on
Demand” include both free and pay-per-view
Spanish-language content; the Florida market
offers “Lo Mejor On Demand,” with more than 50
hours of programming from Univision, Telefutura,
Telemundo and others; “Road Runner en Español”
high-speed data service, offered in most
markets, has extensive Spanish-language pages
for Hispanic customers; Hispanic-targeted “Mi
Mexico” and “Latin American Call Plans” are offered
in the Florida market.

Major Hispanic markets: The Florida market,
including Tampa Bay, Fla.; Central Florida; and
Bakersfield, Calif.

Recent and future moves: Plans to soon to go
HD with InfoMas, its Spanish language regional
news and information channel with news, weather,
political coverage, Major League Baseball
and National Basketball Association coverage.

Has also recently added such channels as TV
Venezuela, Ecuavisa, Infinito, Canal 24 horas,
Centroamerica TV and Utilisima and continues
to expand its HD programming, with the launch
of Telefutura HD, ESPN Deportes HD and Fox
Deportes HD.

Is also expanding its Spanish-language content
in Bakersfield, Calif., where it now offers
three tiers of Spanish-language programming
including Hispanavision with 32 video channels
and five audio services.