Tauzin Disappointed with FCC Media Review


House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Billy Tauzin (R-La.) said he's
disappointed that federal regulators need almost another year to decide whether
to allow the common ownership of a newspaper and a broadcast property in the
same market.

In a June 26 letter, Tauzin told Federal Communications Commission chairman
Michael Powell that the newspaper-broadcast rule was archaic and should be
abolished without delay.

'I am disappointed with the [FCC's] decision to defer what should be an
immediate repeal of an outdated rule,' Tauzin said.

Two weeks ago, FCC officials said they planned to conduct a massive overhaul
of media-ownership policies since so many rules are interrelated. Powell's
office is scheduled to receive staff recommendations next spring.

In his letter, Tauzin sought assurance from Powell that the media-ownership
review would not drag on beyond next spring.