TBS to Debut Part of Zorro


The first six-and-one-half minutes of upcoming feature film The Legend of Zorro will air during TBS Movie Extra Thursday, Oct. 27, the network said.

The Legend of Zorro opens nationwide the following day.

Interviews with stars Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and an introduction to the preview by director Martin Campbell will also highlight TBS Movie Extra.

Tune-in messages for TBS Movie Extra will be promoted on America Online Inc.’s AOL Moviefone beginning Oct. 24, and the preview will be available on AOL Moviefone for two weeks period following its airing on TBS Movie Extra, TBS said.

“TBS represents a powerful environment with an engaged, movie-going audience for studios to creatively market their latest blockbuster releases,” Turner Entertainment ad-sales and marketing executive vice president Linda Yaccarino said in a prepared statement.

“The partnership with Columbia Pictures is the latest example of how we successfully collaborate with top studios to develop marketing partnerships that promote a movie and engage the consumer well beyond a trailer,” she added.