TCA '09: Critics Tour Scenes: Bugs, Bollywood


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Los Angeles — Isabella Rossellini is host of the lasciviously titled Green Porno, which will launch its second season this year on Sundance Channel. The series is about the sex lives of creatures.

Given the titillating title, a cheeky writer urged her to “give us something scandalous.” On her second try she came up with this nugget: earthworms are hermaphroditic, and breed in the 69 position. Too much insect information.

Here are some other TCA tidbits, we thought you'd want to know about:

  • A what-if question was posed of the band members of IFC’s Z Rock: Who’d win in a battle between the quartet and, say, the Jonas Brothers? The rockers didn’t quite answer the question, but show guest star John Popper suggested his band, Blues Traveler, would step up for a throw-down.
    Noting Popper has a bum leg, the Z Rockers said they’d jump at the chance. “I’d kick that cane out — Boom! You’re down,” one member said triumphantly. Popper may be sorry he gave them any ideas.
  • One way to rouse writers from their post-lunch stupor: bring in an Indian drummer and dancers undulating to what sounded to these untrained ears as Far Eastern hip-hop. That was the lead in for Chris Kattan, star of the upcoming Bollywood Hero, also on IFC.
  • Writers remarked on the lack of notice for Breaking Bad during 2008 by factions usually quick to castigate a show that depicts methamphetamine production and other anti-social behavior. “I didn’t set out to blow up a shit storm” with the show, creator Vince Gilligan said, suggesting he ducked the naysayers because the first season of the show was shortened by the strike by the Writers Guild of America.
  • Officials at National Geographic Channel have scheduled a two-hour special on Mother’s Day featuring remarkable, in-womb depictions of gestating animals. The clip shown included the factoid that sharks, in utero, devour their weaker siblings for sustenance. “What can be more perfect on Mother’s Day?” general manager Steve Schiffman quipped.