TCA: Emmys Trio Defends Changes to Awards Telecast


TCA: Complete Coverage of the Summer Press Tour

CBS screened a roughly-edited sample clip how the so-called "time-shifted" Emmy categories will play in this year's kudofest, based on a real award given out on last year's telecast, during its TCA press tour session Aug. 3 dedicated to the awards show.

The session started minutes after the WGA West issued a statement in the afternoon joining their East Coast counterparts in protesting a change to the Sept. 20 show on CBS that will see awards in eight categories - two each for writing, directing, producing and acting - handed out before the telecast beams live, then edited and aired during the show.

The sample award included the announcement of the nominees, the announcement of the winner, reactions and a full acceptance speech. It ran 50 seconds, after having 1 minute and 20 seconds edited out, according to the telecast's executive producer Don Mischer.

Mischer, ATAS Chairman John Shaffner and this year's Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris said they hoped members of the TV community's concerns would be assuaged once they learn the details of how the show will be changed - and why.

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