TCA: Hub TV Tunes Into New Kids Music Series

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Beverly Hills -- Hub TV will tap several musical artists to mentor several aspiring young musical performers as part of a new reality series debuting Sept. 23.

Majors and Minors will feature music stars Avril Lavigne, Adam Lambert, Brandy, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks and Sean Kingston as they mentor 12 cast members ages 10 to 16 years old looking to pursue their dreams of becoming musical stars, according to Margaret Loesch, president and CEO of the network during Discovery Communications' TCA presentation Friday.

Other networks making announcements during the presentation include:

Animal Planet - The network will launch a six part series this fall titled Saved that will chronicle how pets have transformed human lives. Each story on the series reveals how people struggling through life find hope in animals, she said.

Science - the network will launch three new series, including JUNKies, which follows people who rummage through junkyards for parts for their unique inventions; Stuck With Hackett, profiles survival expert Chris Hackett who looks to turn junk into "creature comforts" within extreme environment; and Trek Nation, a special created in partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment which explores the popularity and appeal of the Star Trek franchise.

Planet Green - the network next month will schedule a week-long lineup of specials focused on ocean life. The "Blue August" programming stunt, hosted by actor Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries, Lost) will feature a new special dubbed Blood Dolphins -- which follows a team of operatives working to save the underwater creatures - as well as encore presentations of specials Blue Planet, Ocean's Blue and Planet Earth, said network officials.

Discovery Fit & Health -The network will resurrect the controversial Discovery Health Channel series, I'm Pregnant And ... with new episodes, said network officials. In addition, The network will debut two September specials, including Sleep Sex, which follows four different people's lives touched by the condition "sexsomnia;" and Love Translated, which follows a group of Western men who travel to the Ukraine to find wives, the network said.

Investigation Discovery -- the network will launch Dark Minds (wt), a reality series featuring non-fiction crime author M. William Phelps and criminal profiler John Kelly that will revisit unsolved homicides believed to be the work of serial killers. Also featured to help investigate the cases is an unidentified convict serving multiple life sentences for a series of murders, said Henry Schleiff, president and general manager for the network.