TCA: MTV Aspires To Inspire With Reality Series Pair

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MTV will continue its move toward more inspirational and aspirational content with the launch of two new reality series.

Following on the success of the network's freshman series 16 And Pregnant, the network will launch in October Gone Too Far, a reality series that will follow young adults as they struggle with substance abuse. Hosted by former drug addict Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, features self-shot video from the addicts and families which unveils the often sad severity of addiction.

Goldstein, speaking at the Television Critics Association summer press tour here July 29, said unlike similar intervention shows, the series is not confrontational television and it doesn't seek to force troubled adults into rehab or family interventions.

"I don't try to bombard them ... if they don't want the help I'll leave," said Goldstein, who once tried to commit suicide due to his drug addiction.

The second show, The Buried Life, documents the real life journey of four young men who travel the county attempting to complete a list of 100 things they'd like to accomplish before they die, while helping total strangers accomplish one of their dreams. The series will premiere in December.

"These guys are on a mission to change lives, spread hope and make dreams come true while also having the time of their lives and fulfilling their own dreams," said Tony DiSanto, president of programming for MTV.

DiSanto added that the former music video-oriented network's move toward more inspirational shows is reflective of the desires of its young adult target audience. "I think the audience has changed and its fare more socially aware and politically active and wanting to address serious issues," he said. "It's great to be able to make shows and inspire them in primetime."