TCA: NBC's Gaspin Vows To Improve

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NBC entertainment chief Jeff Gaspin struck a humble tone during a Q&A with reporters at his network's session of the Television Critics Association summer press tour July 30.

Gaspin said NBC's failings last season stemmed from making decisions from a position of weakness. And as he has since the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien debacle earlier this year, he vowed to do better.

"I think we made too many changes too quickly from a position of weakness," he said. "So it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think that really jeopardized some of the decisions that we made."

Asked what kind of changes he's bracing for when the Comcast/NBC Universal merger goes through, as is expected, Gaspin said, "It's hard to speculate. I've known [Comcast COO] Steve [Burke] and [Comcast Chairman and CEO] Brian [Roberts] for many years."

In a reference to current owner GE's markedly different core business, Gaspin added having "other executives in the media space to have conversations with about what's going on and the way to approach the future, is valuable."

Gaspin also addressed rumors that former Showtime entertainment president Bob Greenblatt may be talking to NBC about a role at the company. Gaspin said he has asked his bosses about whether they have had conversations with Greenblatt about coming to NBC and the answer was "No."

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