TCA: Olbermann Says He’ll Stick To Sports

Anchor Says He Can Talk Politics On ESPN2, But Doesn’t Plan To

Former news and sports anchor Keith Olbermann is not prohibited from talking politics on his new ESPN2 late night series, but plans to stick to sports commentary, he said during a Television Critics Association summer press tour presentation Wednesday.

Olbermann -- who is returning to ESPN after a 16-year absence and after controversial stints at news outlets MSNBC and Current TV – continued to call “inaccurate” a New York Times report that claimed he could not talk politics during his new sports show. “There is nothing [contractually] that says I can’t talk about politics,” he said. “I’m not intending to talk about politics for the simple reason that it’s a sports show.”

Olbermann said he’s looking forward to having total control of the late-night series, which will air at 11 p.m. “When we start from the point of view where my opinion is solicited, then I’m comfortable,” he said. “It will be a sportscast with my name on it.”

He also said he'll be revisiting a feature he used for years while hosting Countdown on MSNBC: his new show will have a "Worst Person In The Sports World" segment.